Fall Checklist for a Better YardMany people go through a fall checklist to get their homes ready for winter.  They protect pipes, check for air infiltration, put out traps for rodents and other pests.  But one thing they often forget is that the yard, trees and shrubberies also need some help.

Fall Checklist For Your Yard

Aeration: We use a specialized machine that de-thatches your lawn and pokes holes in the ground beneath it.  This is an essential step before re-seeding any yard because it provides new areas for fresh seeds to germinate.
Over seeding: If you want a particular grass to dominate your yard, then you need to out compete the weeds and other grasses. Over seeding can put the numbers in your favor, especially following a thorough aeration.
Apply Mulch: Mulch not only keeps moisture around shrubs and trees, it also insulates the roots and discourages pests.

Ask about our “Pine Straw Service”.
Annual Flowers: Planting certain varieties of flowers and even edible plants now can result in a wonderful surprise in the spring.