Make the Most of Spring

Scottsboro Landscaping wit Arnold Landscaping, LLCPeople often run out and buy plants in Spring because it is so satisfying. Scottsboro landscaping started early this year because we had a short winter.  It’s time to plant! But before you commit to ideas that may only get in your way by the end of next year, call us to discuss your landscaping ideas with 3 things in mind.

Lawns Don’t Stay Fixed

Lawns require constant maintenance. When they are neglected that can slip into the need for recovery procedures. We can help you spot where you are on the landscaping spectrum and guide to you towards affordable, effective solutions. It’s not as easy as the TV ads suggest. But it doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. A quick phone call can mean peace of mind in knowing you have a plan that works.

Quality Craftsmanship

Cheap plants and trees are not immediately discernible. They usually die a year after you plant them. We work with quality nurseries whose products take longer to come to market, but they help insure that your investment has the highest chance of success.
We also know how to plant them so that you avoid the shock of improper introduction to your yard.

Easy To Customize

Why look just like your neighbors? We have expertise on a variety of grasses, plants and trees that can work well in the area where you live. You don’t need to be dependent on how much the teenager at the home center knows. For not much more, you can tap the brains of experience.

And don’t forget, we can do water gardens, exotic lighting and more. This Spring, have some fun.